America's (All-inclusive) Assassination Party

“And, best of all,” says Yukiko Nakanishi, “among those guys, towering high above, was Mike the Rat. Yep! Mike the Rat watched the others do a cartwheel and, despite his very large head, he did one too! Right here on Baker City’s Main Street! I got a photo!”

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An Interview with Tilda B. Knightley (Recipient of the Shaikha Abdullah Millennium Scholarship 2016, 2017 & 2018)

Ms Knightley put her finger on the red record button of a large, ancient tape recorder. (Ultimately, I watched her use both hands to activate the record feature of the tape deck. It made me smile.)

She stared at me blankly, “…Your name?”

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Travels with Children: Paris Revelations, 2017

“How long did the princess live?”

“Not sure. Not very.” He checked his pockets and to his alarm realized he’d smoked his last cigarette.

“Why not?” the girl asked, as if this might be the last straw, the one that would destroy their day.

“Because her head got separated from her body, mostly. That’s why.”

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