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Alistair A. Vogan

Author and researcher

“Literary Excellence" - 5 stars

“lacerating humor and moments of sublime surrealism…you will not be

disappointed - 5 stars

"A Fascinating Read!" - 4 stars

"Highly engrossing and endearingly fun" - 4 stars

"This book will preoccupy you..." - 5 stars 

breathless, funny, and thought provoking” - 5 stars

"An Unexpected Gem" - 5 stars

"A clever and entertaining" - 5 stars

“You can't read this amazing novel without remembering something from your own

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“Very entertaining” - 5 stars




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"It seems all things beautiful are illuminated badly...and it is in the shadows that we hide our longing."

Ivan Von Noshrilgram Sr



Ottawa, Canada

1995 - 1998

In Nara, Japan, McCLeod Ganj, India


Introduced to Ivan Von Noshrilgram Sr.

1999 and beyond. 

With Bruce McCulloch, The Kids In The Hall (T.K.I.T.H.), Craig Lauzon of The Canadian Air Farce, Adam McKay of Saturday Night Live...


The Crash of Twenty-nine @ The Second City

Same Guys, New Dresses (T.K.I.T.H.)


Death To Smoochy (Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc)

Stealing Harvard (Imagine Entertainment)


At the United Arab Emirates University


How To Lose Your Voice Without Screaming (I.V.N.F.)


Fought and belittled colon cancer


By Degrees The Gentlest Asinine Expression (I.V.N.F.)


My Hideous Blind Spot: A Practical Introduction (I.V.N.F.)


Emerging Cognitive Intervention Technologies to Meet the Needs of an Aging Population: A Systematic Review (Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience)


Longevity Now (TBA)

In the pipeline:

And the morning lasted all day (P.P.I & MyArc.)

Spot (TBA)

Focus (TBA)


Alistair A. Vogan is a Canadian an author, researcher and writer whose career in storytelling stretches over three decades. Some highlights include his time spent on Parliament Hill working with the (then) Prime Minister of Canada, Jean Chretien, and in feature film story development with Saturday Night Live staff writer / feature film director Adam McKay, Canadian comedy legend / director Bruce McCulloch and Susan Cavan with the Tom Green production ‘Stealing Harvard’. In addition to being a contributing writer for the wildly popular The Kids In The Hall North American Reunion Tour, 'Same Guys, Different Dresses', and a produced playwright ('The Crash of Twenty-Nine'). He spent nearly a decade as a professional screenwriter and script doctor (Imagine Entertainment and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. etc) before writing the first words of The Ivan Von Noshrilgram Foundation classic HOW TO LOSE YOUR VOICE WITHOUT SCREAMING (Volume One).

Alistair's most recent work MY HIDEOUS BLIND SPOT: A PRACTICAL INTRODUCTION was released in the summer of 2019 through 'The Foundation'. Set in the late 90s, MY HIDEOUS BLIND SPOT: A PRACTICAL INTRODUCTION explores the Canadian Gen X experience of turning thirty as its most valued principles and Life’s expectations come into razor sharp focus. Part homage to that period and those people, part biting/loving satire, you will likely recognize yourself and others in this work. (For this work there are two versions, the international edition and the middle eastern edition. Both are available worldwide.)

His second work of fiction, published in 2016 through 'The Foundation', is the hysterical BY DEGREES THE GENTLEST ASININE EXPRESSION. This satirical collection, written in the spirit of David Sedaris, Mark Twain and Woody Allen, captures the lives of two families across six decades and four continents, and examines the unspoken connection between the Stockholm Syndrome and the family bond.

UP NEXT: Alistair is presently developing LONGEVITY NOW a non-fiction work which examines the approaching demographic crisis in eastern Asia and the West, and human cognitive potential.

He lives with his wife and daughters in the United Arab Emirates where he is a lecturer, and researcher (of AI and robotic cognitive training technologies) at United Arab Emirates University. His summers are spent "just about anywhere that drops below 53 degrees Celsius".

Alistair was born in Ottawa, Canada, in 1966.

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The Creative Works of Alistair A. Vogan 



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Kingsley Kuchner has a secret. A secret even he doesn't know he has. And soon, he's going to share it, and bring an end to the world we know. 

How to Lose Your Voice Without Screaming explores with compassion and laugh-out-loud humor what can happen when we repress a very big secret. 

Part mystery, part romantic comedy, a bildungsroman, of sorts. It's what you'd get if the Cohen Bros lampooned the New Journalism of Truman Capote and Tom Wolfe while receiving guidance from a young Woody Allen.


"This story will change America, forever. Let me correct myself. ...It already has." 

Ivan Von Noshrilgram Sr.



In 1965, Ivan Von Noshrilgram Jr was born into a large family of eccentrics, lead by the illusive Ivan Von Noshrilgram Sr, celebrated philosopher-botanist, wild game hunter, exotic animal trainer, extinguished firewalker, writer and humanitarian lecturer.

Conspicuously absent throughout the lives of all his family members, Ivan Sr came to play a decisive, even magical role, in young Ivan Jr’s construction of reality…

With his latest By Degrees The Gentlest Asinine Expression, Alistair A. Vogan, author of How To Lose Your Voice Without Screaming, explores the unspoken connection between the Stockholm Syndrome and the family bond.

With this heroic act he suggests with a surprisingly nimble mind, a refreshing wit and great hilarity just how we all, eventually, arrive at the doorstep of The Ivan Von Noshrilgram Foundation.



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Scott P. Andersen is smart enough. or at least he should be. He knows there’s something very wrong - perhaps with everything – but he can’t quite put his finger on it.

It’s 1997 already, for starters, and he and his high-achieving girlfriend, Emily, are in his DECREPIT Toyota Tercel drifting awkwardly along an all-too-familiar highway towards the unlikely wedding of their old university friends Boris and Janet. This should be enough. However, As he sifts through time to key moments in their relationship while enumerating the folly of his peers and the fundamental idiocies of the 20th century, Scott begins to sense that he may have figured it out.

…Or has it slipped through his grasp, somehow? 

In any case, with Alistair A. Vogan’s comic take on turning 30, there is a growing sense that despite sharing a mode of transportation with Emily, Scott could very easily careen over the edge, all by himself...



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سكوت ذكي جدا بما فيه الكفاية، فهو يعلم أن هناك أمرا مريبا، ولكنه لا يستطيع أن يفكر بماهيته. إنه عام ١٩٩٥ حيث هو وحبيبه إيميلي في سيارة تويوتا تيرسل صفراء ينجرفان بشكل محرج جنبا إلى جنب في طريق سريع مألوف للغاية. وبينما هو يتنقل بين لحظات مهمة في علاقتهما، يجد نفسه يعد قائمة بسذاجته وأقرانه، وفي الوقت ذاته يشعر بأنه قد وجده، أم أنه قد فر منه مرة أخرى؟ على أي حال، فمع القصة الفكاهية لأليستر فوغان، في سن الثلاثينيات من التسعينيات، هناك إحساس متزايد بأنه على الرغم من مشاركة وسيلة نقل، بإمكانك بسهولة أن تتفوق على الحافة... كله لوحدك.

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